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Friday, December 26, 2008

Mya's First Christmas

We all had a lot of fun this year! We opened gifts and then headed down to Grandma Spits and Grandpa Hoss's home for breakfast! Yumm Yumm! We all opened gifts and enjoyed Lacey Chris and Coleman's company while they are visiting from Oklahoma! We then went and visited Grandma Alice and had a good time there as well. Kent enjoyed playing card games with his brothers and we spent time driving back and forth for dinner at my moms home and more games at Kents moms. Im just glad they only live a few miles away from each other. Last night it took us over an hour to drive the 25 miles home to Ogden! The roads were snow packed and you could not see the cars tracks in front of you because the wind was so bad. PS if you were the one driving in the little red Corvette last night thanks for almost killing us and everyone else on the road! There were huge wind diffs on the off ramp and we felt like we were on a roller coaster uuuuppp down... uuupp and down.... it was the craziest weather I have ever driven in! Well we were a bit sceptical if we would make it onto out dirt road beings that there are only 5 homes and none of the neighbors made a trip (so it seemed) so we trudged through the snow and made it to the driveway. Thank goodness we didnt slide off into the septic ditch in front of out neighbors house, YUCK! Thank you everyone for all the fun gifts.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kent and I are getting into the Buying and Selling homes thing... And we would like to put a word out there that if any of you need to buy a home let us know because we are buying homes that were taken away from the owner buy the government and no they are not run down garbage, the ones we will be buying are going to be very nice expensive homes that we can get for a good price and turn around and sell. We have buyers online but if you are in need we can look for one just for you. Oh and the good news is we are going to be buying them in all states and any city so if you want a smokin price give us a ring!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My baby is growing up so fast! I feel like I am soon going to not remember the small things that she does with each new week in her developing little mind. I love my little baby so much! Oooo, Mya is in bed right now and seeing this pic makes me want to go get her out of bed and rock her! I love you sweetie!

Last night I was visiting my mom and dad. My mom wanted to come up to my home like she does almost every weekend, so as we were driving on the on ramp at 5th south in bountiful getting on to I-15 I was following a white F-150 truck and I noticed little round balls "at the time I thought they were rocks" flipping up and almost hitting my car. But they didnt look much like rocks more like BB's THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN HIS FRONT LEFT TIRE BUSTED OFF and went rolling into the grassy median and stopped just before it rolled into traffic. His left front end fell against the pavement and he went skidding along. I was so glad that this all happened at about 15MPH. Because if it had happened any latter I would have probably been in a bad crash along with lots of other cars. Well this guy who looked to be in his late 20's early 30's got out of his car and I asked if he needed any help. He just looked shocked and said "I dont know what happened!" I told him that I saw the BB's from his bearing scatter along the rode right before his tire busted off. The guy was shocked and said that he just picked up his truck from the shop and they were working on his bearings! "OOPS! if it were me I would be for having the shop pay for the tow and all the damage to my truck cuz they obviously didnt fix the problem." There was an Police Officer two cars behind me so he came and got the guys info so they could tow his truck and the guy then went and took out the cutest little 4 year old boy out of the back seat who was sobbing and freaked out! I could not help but ask them if they needed a ride somewhere. "His boy was just so darn cute I couldn't help but ask." Well he said they live up in Hooper which is about 30 miles away!!! Well they were in luck because I live right by Hooper! Come to find out they only live about 10 Miles west of my and so he got his kids booster seat situated and off er went. Colby the little boy calmed down shortly after his dad got in the car. Colby has on a big puffy hunting camo coat and cowboy boots so I said "Buddy I like your coat a lot.... do you like to go hunting?" Well that started up conversation for the rest of the ride home and when all was said and done I wanted to keep little Colby for myself!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Christmas list for all my obscenely wealthy family and friends that don't know what to get!

Scenario 1: A black limousine runs over your left foot. From the capacious back seat, out pops a guy who looks familiar from those Microsoft “I’m a PC” commercials (he’s the one who wears glasses). “Let’s not bother with insurance companies,” the guy, Bill, says, and he hands you a check good for a few million bucks, drawn from his “incidental expenses account.”

Scenario 2: Turns out that the gawky kid who kept forgetting his lunch money in third grade was Sergey Brin. Sergey fondly remembers you sharing your Twinkies, and he sends you a few thousand Google shares, preferred, for Kwanzaa.

The details may vary, but you've undoubtedly had this fantasy: You’re suddenly rich! But what do you do with all that money? Use it to help humanity? Of course not! Like any self-respecting geek, you’ll want to redirect a sizable chunk of your windfall into tech toys.

But let’s assume that the experience of suddenly becoming obscenely wealthy hasn’t caused you to lose all function above the neck. You don’t want to throw ridiculous amounts of money at diamond-encrusted cell phones or gold-plated MP3 players. No, you want to throw ridiculous amounts of money at products that offer really cool (though not necessarily essential) technology and design. Get out your credit cards because here we go.
-- by Edward N. Albro, PC World

Okay friends, in case any of these fantasy's have come true in your life I have made a small and a rather inexpensive "for you" Christmas list in case you don't know what to get Kent and I.

Motorola Aura Cell Phone Price tag: $2000
Extravagant cell phones slathered in diamonds and rubies are one of the sure-fire technological tools for separating fools from their money. Exhibit A is Le Million from GoldVish Communications: $1.45 million and ugly, ugly, ugly!
The $2,000 you spend on a Motorola Aura may seem like chump change in comparison, but with the Aura, you actually get something useful for your dough. For one thing, there’s the 16-million-color, 300-dpi circular display. And Motorola seems to have lavished attention on the mechanism for opening and closing the Aura: “Custom-engineered rotating mechanism has 130 precision ball bearings that drive the assisted-opening blade -- like opening the door on a high-end luxury car.” The rotation mechanism has a Swiss-made main bearing and carbide-coated gears, too. Oh yes, and once you’ve lovingly rotated the Aura open, you can use it to place and receive wireless phone calls! --by Edward N. Albro, PC world

Cryonic Suspended Animation Price tag: $160,000
“You can’t take it with you.” As a rich guy, you’ll hear that often from your children, your elderly parents and other leeches and moochers trying to suck your fortune dry.
It may be true that you can’t take your money with you, but what if you never completely leave? That’s the idea behind cryonics. As the Cryonics Society of America describes the procedure, “at the time of deanimation” your body is cooled down and filled with a kind of antifreeze. Then you’re put in an insulated capsule and kept frozen with liquid nitrogen.
Once doctors figure out how to cure whatever killed you (and how to bring flesh Popsicle's back to life), they thaw you out. Then you can start suing whoever squandered your fortune during the intervening 1,000 years or so. -- by Edward N. Albro, PC world
Haven’t amassed a small personal fortune yet? Try these gift guides for common folks:

Panasonic Pro 103-Inch Plasma TV Price tag: $69,995

One drawback of suddenly being richer than everyone you know is that you may become, well, an arrogant jerk. What better way to cut yourself down to size than with a really big TV?
With Panasonic’s 103-inch plasma-screen set, not only will movie stars be more attractive than you are, they’ll be bigger and perhaps even higher-def than you, too. Imagine a tight close-up of Daniel Craig in full James Bond glower spread across 7.5 feet by 4 feet of pixels. That’ll put you in your place. -- By Edward N. Albro, PC world
And if your ego can survive even that reality check, wait until next year when Panasonic releases its long-anticipated 150-inch plasma.

Moller M400 SkycarPrice tag: ?

The point of having vast coffers o’ cash, as any filthy-rich person will tell you, is to pay your way out of the mundane hassles that afflict the hoi polloi: traffic jams, military service, child rearing, flossing. Regrettably, aeronautics expert Paul Moller can’t help with flossing, but traffic jams he’s got covered.
Since 1962, Moller, a professor at the University of California, Davis, has been experimenting with fixed-wing planes that can take off and land vertically -- the perfect profile for the fabled flying car. The latest incarnation, the M400 Skycar, can carry four passengers as fast as 375 mph while cruising along at 13,200 feet. As the Moller site says: “No traffic, no red lights, no speeding tickets.” Also, one hopes, no midair collisions, no terrifying plummets to a fiery death.
The site calls the M400 “personally affordable,” but it doesn’t quote a price. We all know what that means: If you have to ask, you can't afford it. But you don't have to ask, do you? --By Edward N. Albro PC world.

Okay I guess I have asked for too much.... I guess Kent and I will be fine with just a Christmas card and a pic of the family.... Or a yummy box of Chocolates "individually raped in 12 KT gold leafing and in crested in diamonds" JK